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Ginger Beer

Genuine ginger flavored soda, with a crisp, spicy taste. Very similar to ginger ale, but more pungent and a bit more crisp. Serve very cold, or over ice.


Ting - 9.6 oz

The award winning Ting has always been a best seller. This product, which is made in Jamaica, is absolutely refreshing. Starting with grapefruit juice, it has a very clean and refreshing citrus flavor and it\'s sweetened with real sugar. The result is a Caribbean flavor that is truly top notch. Ting, made from Jamaican grapefruit with no preservatives is the ultimate thirst quencher. It is a lightly carbonated citrus drink. Ting - the Jamaican sunshine and cool breeze in a bottle


Sorrel Syrup

Sorrel is well known in Jamaica as a Christmas drink. Now you can have your sorrel drink throughout the year with \"Sir Henry\" Sorrel Syrup. All you have to do is add water or club soda and mix.


JCS Instant Ginger Tea

10 sachets/net wt. 18G each instant ginger tea. Ginger is famous for its medicinal properties. A warming spice, it stimulates digestion and boosts circulation, respiration and nervous system function. By increasing circulation, it helps effect a systemic cleansing through the skin, bowels and kidneys. Ginger treats colds and fevers and is an effective remedy for motion sickness, nausea from chemotherapy and sometimes morning sickness. It is anti-inflammatory and destroys many intestinal parasites. It normalizes blood pressure and helps support the liver. It eases congestion in the throat and lungs, relieving symptoms of cold and flu and helps alleviate menstrual discomfort.